Thermographic IR Inspections

Thermography is a highly developed method of infrared technology. You no longer have to guess at where your problems are. No more expensive destructive rip out jobs looking for leaks or moisture entry. No more expensive down time to repair equipment. Prevent mold before it starts by detecting hidden leaks. Concealed wiring problems are a thing of the past. State of the art NON intrusive exterior and interior inspection of the building for concealed moisture entry. These are but a few of the advantages of Infrared Imaging.

INFRARED technology is an accurate and affordable way to find problems that you cannot otherwise see. Environspec Ltd. is offering a full range of Commercial and Residential IR Inspections. Nick Hindley of Environspec Ltd. is a nationally certified (EDI # PA-75) Third Party Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS) Inspectors and Moisture Analysts. We have been in the inspection business for the past fourteen years. During this time we have inspected thousands of buildings both commercial and residential. Please review the following information and call our office with any questions that you may have at 570-253-1941.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging has become very popular in locating problems and predicting future maintenance. Many systems give advance warning of pending failure and or leakage by emitting a heat signature that can be viewed through thermal imaging. Infrared cameras are used to view the area in question and provide insight to the performance of the item by evaluating temperature differences across the surface

Infrared Building Envelope Inspections

Locate heat loss problems due to missing, damaged, and wet insulation Find causes of frozen pipes, ice dams, and cold air infiltration. Find concealed moisture entry and leaks at foundation, windows, doors, roofs, and exterior siding.

Infrared Roof Surveys

Locate leaks and wet insulation in all types of roof systems, reduce mold risks and stop roof damage. Save thousands in energy costs and repairs by locating hidden problems areas and heat loss.

Infrared Electrical Scan                                                                                             Accurately pinpoints hot spots in electrical systems. i.e.

  • ¨ Electrical Breakers           ¨ Electric Contactors
  • ¨ Electric Oil Breakers        ¨ Power Grid Surveys
  • ¨ Concealed Wiring           ¨ Over Heat Detection

Infrared Heating System – A/C Inspections

Pinpoint problems in boilers, exchanger’s and other steam system components. Detect leaks and blockages in lines and underground pipe runs, cut fuel and water costs by increasing system efficiency.

Hot Water Heating System Survey

  • Heating Plant Survey
  • Heat Loss
  • Boiler Conditioning
  • Heat Exchanger Evaluation

Plumbing Evaluations

  • Concealed leakage
  • Damaged Valves
  • Bleed Back
  • Valve Survey

Infrared Mechanical Evaluations                                                                               Detects developing problems in all types of equipment.

  • Pumps                            Compressors
  • Engines                          Heat Plants
  • Rotational Equipment      Electrical Equipment

EIFS  Inspections–  Non-intrusive evaluation for leaks and water entry of commercial and residential buildings.

Pest Inspection– Concealed Termite and Pest Evaluation.

Septic System Inspection – Location and evaluation through thermal imaging.

Roof Moisture Survey

Roof scan: Moisture entry found due to roof cover failure.

Infrared imaging inspections are used world-wide by building managers, plant engineers and government agencies to accurately locate and quantify moisture trapped within roofing assemblies. The infrared detection technique can be used effectively on virtually all types of low slope roofing systems.

When the Infrared Roof Moisture Survey Should be Used:

  1. Prior to Final Acceptance and Payment for a new roofing system.
  2. Before the warranty expires.
  3. Before acquiring real estate.
  4. Before re-roofing over an existing roof assembly.
  5. For early detection of problems in order to minimize long term repair costs.
  6. Before preparing your budget request for roof repairs
  7. Whenever leaks occur.

The  infrared roof moisture survey, visual inspection and evaluation provides you with the necessary information and documentation to make accurate decisions regarding the repair or replacement of your roofs.

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