Inspection Services

Environspec Ltd offers a large range of inspection services and testing. The following is a list of services and testing that is performed. Please review related pages in our site for information. When ordering the service you will be asked for some details. Please have the building information at hand as well as your address as well as the site address and contact information.

You can contact us at 570-253-1941

  • Commercial Real estate inspections.
  • Commercial structural & Mechanical inspections.
  • Commercial Energy Audits.
  • Commercial EIFS & Stucco evaluations and repair over-site.
  • E1105 Window leakage testing and evaluation.
  • Commercial EIFS & Stucco 3rd party construction installation over-site.
  • Residential Real estate inspections.
  • Residential Structural, Mechanical & electric inspections.
  • Residential Energy Audits.
  • Residential EIFS & Stucco evaluations and repair over-site.
  • Residential construction phase inspections.
  • Septic inspections for Commercial & Residential Properties.
  • Radon Testing.
  • Pest inspections for wood destroying insects.
  • Water Testing – There are many test in this category ranging from a simple potability test to pre and post Gas Drilling water analysis.  Please call for details.
  • Energy Audits, Blower Door Testing, Duct Testing and combustion safety evaluations.
  • BPI classes offered.

Residential & Commercial Real-Estate Inspections – ASHI Certified
Building Energy Audits & Training – BPI Certified
Environmental Testing – PADEP Certified
Infrared Inspections – ITC Certified
Stucco & EIFS Inspections – EDI Certified

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