Stucco & EIFS Inspections

Nick Hindley is a nationally certified 3rd party EIFS and Stucco inspector, Quality Control inspector and Moisture Analyst  (EDI # PA 75). We are also nationally certified to perform Moisture Free Warranty Inspections on your stucco or  EIFS clad home.  Call us for details.

Our company has been in the inspection business since 1990. During this time we have inspected thousands of buildings both commercial and residential. An EIFS / Stucco inspection is your best protection. The inspection is designed to evaluate the system to determine if water entry has occurred. Probing is performed at key areas to determine if underlining damage has occurred. Water intrusion behind these systems will result in rot, structural damage and the formation of mold. These conditions will adversely affect your health and home. Either can result in costly damage. A regular home inspection does not cover these issues. Only a certified EIFS / Stucco inspector can determine the condition of the system. This requires probing of the system as well as a professional evaluation of the system installation.

Call our office at 570-253-1941 to arrange for an inspection.

EIFS & Stucco systems are notorious for hiding serious problems: Any times, extensive damage and rot can occur in a wall cavity before any outside evidence of a problem is found. ( Follow the EIFS info  link above for more information. )

The proper installation of the EIFS system is absolutely essential: In order for stucco system to properly perform and protect your home against water intrusion there are several critical details that must be allowed during installation. Failure to install the system correctly can lead to major problems and damage to your property.

Repairs to EIFS systems can be VERY expensive! One manufactures representative stated that their repairs to stucco home with water intrusion problems were costing as much as 30% of the value of the property! While most properties won’t experience this extreme, repairs can get costly very quickly when wood rot occurs.

EIFS & Stucco homes are taking a hit in MARKET VALUE: Realtors report that some stucco homes are taking longer to sell and are typically selling for less because of the public perception of stucco. Although we feel the media has exaggerated some of the problems, prudent buyers and realtors are having stucco homes inspected. Very few if any home inspections include the stucco as part of their inspection.

How a quality EIFS / Stucco Inspection can help potential problems before they become major ones: Many times, some of the most damage causing problems are problems that can be easily and inexpensively corrected if found before damage occurs. Our inspection includes checking many specific items and details we know to cause most problems and damage that occur with stucco systems.

Protect the market value of your home: We strongly suggest that the owner have their home inspected before they put the house on the market. Any problems found can be corrected before the house is listed and therefore will not become an issue once an offer is made. This can reassure potential buyers and reduce problems at closing time, which often occurs when an inspection is made late in the sales process.

EDUCATE YOURSELF: Our inspection gives you more than a dozen pages of good information about stucco systems, typical problems, their causes and possible corrective actions as well as maintenance suggestions. There are also several pages on your home with good quality pictures and graphs showing you any found problems areas and our suggestions.


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