Stucco and Stone Inspections​

Environtech Building Consultants is the Go-To Company for Accurate Stucco and Moisture Testing. 30 Years of inspections and building forensic testing. Stucco performance testing is done in accordance with the ASTM 2128-17 stucco and faux stone testing protocols. Building inspections are ASHI certified.
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When it comes to accurate stucco inspections for residential and commercial buildings, Environtech Building Consultants (EBC) should be your top choice. We have been providing stucco and moisture testing for more than 30 years.

Environtech Building Consultants is the most experienced company offering certified building evaluations and forensic testing in the Greater Philadelphia area, Delaware & the North East. We are certified by the Exterior Design Institute and the American Wall and Ceiling Institute for Stucco and EIFS inspections as well as for system installation and repair. Our services comply with up-to-date ASTM standards. Because of this, we have been trusted for accurate stucco, EIFS & all exterior cladding inspections by the real estate community and home owners. 

Buying a stucco home without having it inspected is a big risk. Underlying repair damage is expensive. It is critical that you have the home inspected by a certified and experienced stucco and or EIFS inspector. 

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Our comprehensive residential and Commercial  inspections focus on assessing the stucco, EIFS, and cultured stone installations. We identify underlying issues caused by failed flashings, providing detailed reports for necessary repairs. Trust us to evaluate these systems and help you make informed decisions about your property. Limit the cost of repair with a certified inspection. 

Our certified professionals offer property evaluations and energy audits. With thorough inspections and testing we assess the overall energy efficiency of your building. Gain confidence in your property purchase and save on energy bills with our in-depth BPI analysis and personalized recommendations.

EBC specializes in mold testing and assessment to address moisture-related mold issues. Our certified professionals work with accredited laboratories, determining the type and location of mold growth. By taking prompt action, we can help mitigate health risks associated with mold exposure. 

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  • Philadelphia, PA
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  • Baltimore, MD
  • Allentown, PA
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  • Newark, DE
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  • Bethlehem, PA
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