Comprehensive Residential And Commercial Inspections

Environtech Building Consultants offers a wide array of property inspection services for realtors and homeowners in Delaware, Maryland, and Philadelphia areas. You can count on us for the following:

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Stucco/EIFS and Cultured Stone Inspections

Determine underlying damage caused by lack of or failed flashings through this service. We will thoroughly evaluate these systems and provide a detailed report to determine what needs to be repaired.

Stucco/EIFS and Cultured Stone Repair Oversight Inspections

This is a repair monitoring inspection service. Our experts evaluate flashings and monitor the contractors' repair process. It determines the extent of the property's underlying damage and identifies the most suitable repair method.

Commercial and Residential STUCCO & mOISTURE EVALUATIONS

It is important to know the condition of a property before purchasing one. Through our certified EDI & infrared inspections, you will be more informed about the property you are buying and will have more confidence in your decision.

Energy Audits

We take a whole-house approach to analyzing your property’s energy efficiency. You can trust our certified BPI to provide you with an in-depth energy review that will help you save on energy bills.

Mold Testing

Mold testing is performed to help determine the type and location of moisture related mold issues. All testing is analyses by certified laboratories. This enables us to determine the best course of action. Mold exposure over time can result in various health issues.

Mold Testing

If your building has moisture-impacted areas, this test should be conducted. It will determine the best correction or repair method for your property. We will perform the test using either quantitative air collection or swab testing. The test will be analyzed by certified laboratories we trust to get a reliable result.

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