Uncover Moisture Damage On Your Stucco Building

Stucco systems can easily hide serious property problems and damage. Before they become worse, turn to Environtech Building Consultants. We are nationally certified to perform certified inspections on your stucco or EIFS clad building.

Inspector and Client


Our founder, Nick Hindley, is a nationally certified third-party EIFS and stucco inspector, quality control inspector, and moisture analyst (EDI # PA 75). He can accurately determine the condition for hard coat stucco, EIFS and faux stone installations. With him on the lead, we can deliver quality services to our customers in Delaware, Maryland, and Philadelphia.

Stucco Probing Services

A regular home inspection is non-intrusive. But when inspecting stucco and faux stone systems, one must drill small holes in the possibly moisture-damaged areas. This method is called probing, and only certified EIFS/Stucco inspectors should perform this type of testing. We have all of the certifications needed for this service. Our inspections complies with the ASTM 2128-12 standards for the forensic evaluation of stucco and EIFS systems.

Inspector With Yellow Jacket

What You Need To Remember

A qualified oversight inspector must monitor the repairs to ensure damaged areas are corrected and required construction codes are followed. We also encourage having regular follow-up inspections at least three years after the construction or repair.

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Get your home or establishment checked for water intrusion and moisture damage. For more details about our moisture and stucco evaluations, connect with us.